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National PTA Names Bettye Haun Elementary a 2018-2020

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PTA Awards


Golden Apple Award
100% of school's faculty are Texas PTA Members

MARS Award
50+ Men, community, members or grandparents are Texas PTA Members

Three Year High Award
100% of previous year's total membership and reach 3 year high in membership

Head Start Award
Membership roster and dues for 75% or more of the previous year's total membership

Early Bird Achievement Award
Membership roster and dues for at least 100% of the previous year's total membership

Honor Roll, 2017-2018
Haun has over 250+ PTA members this school year.

2017 President's List Award, 2017-2018
Haun PTA submitted a Membership roster and dues for more than 100% of last year and achieved Good Standing.  We are one of only 564 PTAs in the state of Texas to earn this award.

Fall Membership Increase Award, 2017-2018
Increase in membership over last year before the end of October.  Only 850 Texas PTAs received this award, putting Haun PTA in the top 32% of Texas PTAs.

PISD PTA Brag Award, October 2017
Haun PTA was the most recognized local PTA at the Plano International Festival.

Head Start Award, 2016-2017
Membership rosters and dues with an increase of 75% of the previous year’s total membership.

Voice For Every Child Award, 2016-2017
Silver: Recruit at least 50% of the school’s student enrollment.

Share the Love Award, 2016-2017
14 new members in February.

Haun PTA Lifetime Membership Award

Since 1909 the Texas PTA has made available the Honorary Texas Life Membership as one of the highest honors that may be presented to individuals for outstanding service to children and youth.

Haun Elementary PTA Recipients:

Michelle Abrams
Shea Alexander
Lori Antonioli
Annette Baker
Maureen Betz
Teresa Browning
Lisa Bruno
Ann Campbell
Roger Campbell
Terry Cooper
Susan Davis
Wendy Davis
Marie Dooley
Louann Dunkle
Marjorie Edge
Linda Eiland
Denise Erich
Cody Evans
Gina Fawcett
Connie Edwards
Tricia Ehrisman
Kelly Farlander
Allison Perez
Melissa Perez
Pablo Tierrablanca
Christian Hootsell
Pam Elowitz
Stacy Flumerfelt
April Grizzle
Bettye Haun
Sonja Helling
Tiffanny Hosey
Liz Hunziker
Martha Karren
Stacy Koch
Lisa Krekler
Linda Lorber
Debbie Martin
Susan Martin
Jamie Noesen
Belinda Orland
Tracy Pace
Laura Palagyi
Lujean Pardoe
Kimberly Banks Fawcett
Julie Kohn
Kellie Latimer
Amy Nelson
Amy Rasulis
Venetia Robertson
Gina Yaquinto
Amber Yew
Suzanne Hootsell

Kathleen Pavey
Melissa Perez
Candi Rains
Helen Reas
Elaine Riggs
Kathy Robbins
Anne Simms
Amy Skoro
Jayne Smith
Ann Steffes
Marlene Strokes
Tia Sukenik
Mary Swinton
Bibs Toney
Liz Tycom
Jackie Walsh
Michelle Culberson
Cathy Curry
Tracy Olson
Kathy Phillips
Resa Rottino
Stacy Rudiger
Phyllis Stoup
Michelle Varney
Melanie Davis

Ann Anderson
Yuki Olinger
Carrie O'Neal
Julie Yang
Angel Perkins
Tin-Man Chan
Lorina Buttles
Jana Stern
Michael Talamantez

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Stephanie Kim & Kristen Wittenburg

2020-2021: Volunteers of the Year
Angie Pompey, Diane Ngu and
Tin-Man Chan


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2021-2022 Donations and Fundraisers

Thank you Huskies for your continual support for our Haun PTA to help make all the school events and special programs possible!

Handel's Spirit Night
August 26, 2021
Amount Raised = $349.74
Ms. Bennett's 1st Grade Class won coupon for a free cone!

September 20 - October 10, 2021
Our goal this year is $12,000!
Current amount raised = $11,928 
(as of 10/16/21)

Family Picnic In-N-Out Drive-Thru
September 29, 2021
Amount Raised = $2,171

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 MARS Award