Haun Husky Academic Challenge


1 + 2 + 3 = T R I A T H L O N


Here at Haun we want to challenge those students beyond the classroom. There are several contests that we offer that helps them branch outside the traditional learning setting. It's way for them to express their individuality and independent study skills.  


Pick 3 events to participate in and your student will be awarded the Haun Husky Triathalon Trophy. 



National PTA Reflections (Due Oct/Nov)

Reflections is a national ART contest sponsored by the PTA.  Students can compete on the local, state, regional and up to National level.  Every year there is a different theme for participants to base their art work on. There are different age categories (k-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12). Listed below are the 6 artistic categories: 

  • Dance Choreography
  • Film production
  • Music composition
  • Literature
  • Photography
  • Visual arts

To find out more about this year's theme and contest rules click HERE.

Science Fair (Due Jan)

Students can enter our annual science fair which also has give students an opportunity to gain recognition within the district, state and national level--high schoolers can even compete on the International level. To read more about visit the PISD Science Fair page HERE



The Third Choice is an option between these 2:

Fire Prevention Poster (Due Oct for K-5)

Each year, Plano ISD and Plano Fire and Rescue sponsor a Fire Prevention Poster Contest using the theme provided by the National Fire Protection Association’s Fire Prevention Week. For this year's theme click HERE.


Students across Plano created posters and competed at the school and city levels. City-level winners are chosen by Plano firefighters. They are recognized at the City Council with an award ceremony.


Divisions include: Pre-K to K, Gr 1-2, Gr 3-4, Gr. 4-5, Gr. 6-7, Gr. 7-8 and Gr 9-12.


WordMasters Challenge (3 tests throughout the year, 3-5 only)

Students are issued a list of words according to their grade level. They must learn them, spell them, understand their meaning, and antonyms/synonyms. Then they are tested 2 months later. This is performed 3 times throughout the year. 


To learn more about Word Masters, please contact Jennifer McCarty at jennifer.mccarty@pisd.edu.



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2020-2021 Donations and Fundraisers

Thank You Haun Huskies!

Oct 16-Nov 16, 2020
 Our annual fall fundraiser raised a total of $8,210! 
The Haun PTA gave away five $25 Giftcards and 3 Yearbooks.

See who the WINNERS are HERE.

  The 2nd Grade won the Grade Level Participation award with 32 Families!

(This campaign with all its incentives is over. However, you can still donate to the Haun PTA using the link below)

Spring "In-N-Out" Fundraiser

April 14, 2021

Thank you Huskies for supporting the Haun PTA and helping us raise $1,713.50 for our schools and special programs!

The Haun PTA is always accepting donations throughout the year. Donate, click on button below.




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