Carpool Safety

Getting to and from school every day can be hectic but it also be safe if we pay close attention to carpool safety rules:

  • Turn off cell phones while you are in the carpool line. This includes while you are waiting in line on Quincy Lane as children on foot or on bicycles can dart out into traffic at any time.
  • Wait to pull away from the curb until after Safety Patrol is out of the roadway.
  • Always turn RIGHT onto Quincy when leaving the school during drop off and pick up.  Do not turn left or go straight onto Portrait Lane. 
  • Do not u-turn in front of school.  There are several cul-de-sacs along Quincy Lane where it is safer to turn around.
  • Carpool traffic should enter school from the West to the East on Quincy Lane.  That means moving away from Ohio Drive and towards Coit Road.
  • Always drive the posted speed limit of 20mph.
  • Be aware of the Crossing Guard and the crosswalks. While moving forward in the carpool line, do not stop in the crosswalk.
  • Do not use the side parking lot or Bettye Haun Dr. as a drop off or pick up zone.
  • Be sure to display your carpool sign with your children's name written clearly in your front window.

Thanks for helping us keep our children as safe as possible!!




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